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Hernia (સારણગાંઠ) is not a tumour but its out pouching of abdominal contents through weak areas of abdominal wall. It will come out and go in.
One needs to get operated by a hernia surgeon (in Ahmedabad) as early because increasing abdominal pressure will increase the size and in the surgery mesh is to be kept to increase the strength of abdominal wall so that recurrence doesn’t occur.

Testicular Diseases :

Pain or swelling or any abnormality you see or feel or find into your testis or skin around it, you should not ignore it it may be

  1. infection – Epidydimoorchitis
  2. abscess – Fournier’s Gangrene
  3. torsion (twisting of blood vessels and vas deferens – spermatic cord)

There may be Sebaceous cyst (રસોળી) also where you see multiple tiny swellings on your scrotum.
If painless swelling in your scrotum it could be malignancy- cancer.