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Anorectal Surgery

Fistula :

Fistula (ભગંદર) is a disease in which there is a tract from anus or rectum to the exterior. It is high or low anal fistulas. There may be multiple openings on either inside or outside. It may be due to infection, tuberculosis-Tb or cancer. Early diagnosis is must. Surgery is the only treatment.

Piles :

Piles or hemorrhoids are outpouching of veins at the anal canal and lower rectum. You may have complained of bleeding in the stool, severe or mild pain, itching around anus, constipation. If long history you may have anemia- low hemoglobin and it will give you weakness, breathlessness and you may need to have blood transfusions.
There are many ways to treat piles- by medicines, by band ligation by surgery and by the stapler.

Pilonidal Sinus :

Pilonidal Sinus is a sinus occurs between gluteal cleft. Its an infected tract under the skin between buttocks.
PILONIDAL means nest of hairs Main treatment is surgery and after surgery needs to clean that area and shave it from hairs.