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yushra is a 10 year child presented with pain in abdomen who underwent 2 surgeries and discharged happily.

He is very good doctor, last month I have stomach pain at that time I was abroad and doctor diagnosis that I am suffering by appendix and also their reports clearly shows appendix. They suggested me to do operation immediately and I refused them to do operation. Next day I sent all reports to Dr. Tapan by WhatsApp and he suggested me to come Ahmedabad and reached there. He told me as per your face I think you don't have any appendix so he made all the reports again and there was not appendix it just gastric problem. I suggest everyone if anyone has problem please visit Dr. Tapan shah.

મારે ડૉક્ટર તપન શાહ સાથેના મારા 3 અનુભવો કહેવા છે. પહેલીવાર મારા ઓફિસના કમમચારી પિયુષ ચૌહાણને કોઈક સાથેના ઝગડામાં માથામાં પાઇપ લાગી ગઈ અને તેને 4 ઇંચ ઊંડો ધાવ માથામાં લાગી ગયો હતો. સિથતિ ગાંભીર હતી. સર દ્વારા ત્વરિત ઉપચાર કરી ખુબ જ કાળજીપૂવર્ક ધાવ ઉપર પાટાપિંડી કરી ટૂાંકા જ સમયમાં રિકવરી કરી ત્યારે તેમના સ્વભાવનો વધારે પરિચય થયો કે સર એકદમ નમ્ર, દદીની ચચિંતાને સમજનારા, દદીના સગાને હિમ્મત આપનારા છે. મારા બીજા અનુભિ માં મારા મિત્ર વિનેશ શાહના પુત્ર નિમને એપેન્ડિક્સનો સખત દુખાવો થતા સર આગળ diagnosis કરાવતા ઓપરેશન જરૂરી લાગતા તેમનું ઓપરેશન કરાવ્યું,બીજા દિવસે તો અત્યાંત આરામનો અનુભવ થયો અને ત્યાર બાદ તેને ક્યારેય દુખવાની ફરિયાદ નથી કરી. ત્યાર બાદ મારા પિતાને ચિકનગુનિયા hospitalisation પછી Bedsore (ધારું) ડેવેલપ થઇ ગયુ અને અમે લોકો ખુબ ચચિંતામાં કે હવે કેમ કરશુ, સરને બધી વાત કરતા સર આમ તો હોમ વિઝીટમાં જતા નથી પરંતુ મારા ઘરે આવી જાતે ડ્રેવસિંગ કર્યું અને અમને લોકોને સમજાવ્યું કે ડ્રેવસિંગ દરરોજ કેટલી વાર જરૂરી છે અને કેમ કરવું જોઈએ. મારી ચિંતા ખુબ હતી એટલે મેં સરને પૂછ્યું કે સર રિકવરી થશે ? ડૉક્ટર તપન શાહે મને ધીરજપૂવર્ક સમજાવ્યું કે પહેલા આપણે મહેનત કરીને બેડસોર રોકવાનું છે પછી રિકવરી થશે. એટલે ખોટુ આશ્વાસન પણ નહિ અને સત્ય કહીને આપણને સ્થથવતની સાચી હકીકત સમજાવે. ક્યારેય તેમને વધારે પ્રશ્નો પૂછવાથી irritate થતા નથી જોયા. ખુબ વિન્રમ વ્યકિતત્વિ, આજના જમાનાના ખુબ પ્રોફેકશનલ નહિ પણ સેવાભાવથી ડૉક્ટર તપન શાહ મારા ખાસ મિત્ર જેવા લાગે છે કે હુ તેમને કોઈપણ અંગત વ્યકિતી તેમના માટે refer કરી શકુ.

"A doctor in need is a friend indeed" This phrase came to my mind is so apt and applies perfectly to Dr. Tapan Shah, when I needed his professional advise as a patient and today the relationship developed is one of great trust, that I have till date referred many of my friends and family members to him... It all began in April 2013 with a severe stomach ache which led me to the hospital where my case was taken up by him. His gentle questioning to understand symptoms led to need of further tests and here too, his genuine concern and deep empathy was very visible and l felt l was in good hands. He not only went out of way to refer me to hospitals which were not only cost effective but also the best in terms of services. Once the diagnosis was confirmed, he very gently explained that a surgery would be required. Now that made me quite anxious, but once again under his care it all went so well and smoothly. As a result l was back on my feet and leading a very normal life within 2-3 weeks. However, the same year again severe pain and this time when I visited him, the diagnosis was kidney stone and l went nervous again thinking of treatment. However, just with correct medication and dosage the stone was dissolves and got flushed out of the system. Today, when l look back I'm glad I am in the care of Dr. Tapan as l know and trust he has only the best in his heart for his patients and hence now many of my friend and family are also under his care.

My experience with Dr. Tapan Shah is very good. Dr. Tapan shah is proper diagnose the problem with prompt in treatment. I will sure recommend him for my friends and relatives.

Dr.Tapan ji first i want to thanking you for your great contribution in medical field by treating needful patients. and also it is very true whenever i send any person or patient to you for proper treatment or advice you helped them very good, as they become satisfied with your way of treating and get well in 100% cases. i also thankful to you behalf of those persons who get wellness from you. Thanking you

Respected sir: it was a great experience when we had a treatment with you. we are very much satisfied with your work, treatment and techniques. we are very thankful to you and would like to suggest your name with our friend and relatives. thank you.

i can say: one of the best surgon, i have ever meet. i would like to share my incident: My leg toe was badly injured and he treated it very well. he gives proper medication and guidance for the treatment. he takes great care of the patient. he encourages such that helps to heal the wounds at earliest. thank you so much for your treatment.

Always a good experience.He is kind,Caring and Very good at what he does.I recommend him to anyone who need surgeon doctor.

my grandmother Bhavnaben consult dr tapan shah regularly. he is very polite, sincere, co operative and caring doctor.

Dr. Tapan Shah is very good dr & fine persone. Wish him always done BEST.Thanks

My brother sir how tell about you your treatment like a family member and you care like brother awesome magical hand work beautiful taking for mind and really in your heart live god god so your treatment are magical. you are amazing... in your work thanks a lot for my toe nail problem doctor.

તા: ૪-૭-૨૦૧૫ ના રોજ મારી પત્નીનું ઓપરેશન કરવામાં આવ્યું. તે વખતના બધાજ દિવસોમાં આપે જે પોતાનું યોગદાન આપી એક સાચા ભારતીય ડૉકટર હોવાનું સાબિત કરી બતાવ્યું છે. આપ સર્વની દર્દીઓ સાથે અપાર હમદર્દી જોઈ હું એક સાહિત્યકાર હોવાથી દિલથી ઊંડાણપૂર્વક અભિનંદન આપું છું.

I suffered a lot with my disease after meeting with dr. tapan shah i understand the what should i do to overcome my disease. then after dr.Tapan Shah small surgery and his advice for little little things which shold not to do.. now i fill much better than previously... Thanks Dr. Tapan Shah