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Dr. Tapan A. Shah


Dr. Tapan Shah is a young and enthusiastic Surgeon in Ahmedabad and doing Wonderful work in a magical world of Surgery. He is trained internationally at USA & Germany, has expertise in laparoscopic and minimal invasive Gastro-Intestinal (GI) surgeries.

Paper Publications :

  1. Dr. Tapan Shah Yogendra Modi A Three year Study of Breast Lesions/Diseases in women aged 12-85 years in a Tertiary care Hospital (Shardaben General Hospital, Ahmedabad) Gujarat Medical Journal. July 2017
  2. Hernia surgeon Dr.Tapan A Shah Sharad Patel Nitin Vasava Jaimin Shah  Krunal Modi  Pramod Menon Retrospective study of 109 cases of Gastro-intestinal tuberculosis our experience of 2 years International Journal of Medicine and Surgical Emergencies. Apr-Jun 2014.
  3. General surgeon Dr.Tapan Shah Sharad Patel Ravi Chauhan Jatin Modi Neelay Jain Asit Patel R.G.Surela. A prospective Randomised study to evaluate Medical Expulsive Therapy With Tamsulosin In Lower Ureteric Calculi. International Journal of Medicine and Surgical Emergencies. Apr-Jun 2014.
  4. Dr. Tapan A Shah Sharad Patel Mukesh Suvera Mansukh Patel. Bilayer Polypropylene mesh repair for Inguinal Hernia. International Journal of Medicine and Surgical Emergencies. Apr-Jun 2013 |Vol-1 | Issue- 1.
  5. Laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Tapan Shah Pratik Shah Hiren Parmar Yash Vaidya Jigar Jadeja Dipen Patel. Prospective single-center Study of 100 patients undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy – Changing Trends. NHL J Med Science (Indexed to Open J Gate & Index Copernicus)
  6. Dr. Tapan Hiren Parmar Effects of blood transfusion on gastrointestinal anastomosis – Our experience in 52 patients.International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health | 2013 | Vol 2 | Issue 2 (Indexed to Proquest)
  7. Tapan Shah, M.N.Ghatage. Hydatid disease – at its rarest extremity-different presentations. MJDYPU (MARCH 2009). Vol 2:issue2:41-46 (ISSN 0974 2743)
  8. Surgeon doctor Tapan A Shah, M.N.Ghatage. A Forgotten cause of Hypertension: Pheochromocytoma. MJDYPU (MARCH 2009). Vol 2:issue2:109-113 (ISSN 0974 2743)
  9. Top Hernia surgeon Dr. Tapan Shah, M.N.Ghatage. Intramuscular hemangioma – the birthmark-3 reported cases. MJDYPU (Sep 2009). Vol 3:issue1:50-53 (ISSN 0974 2743)
  10. Best surgeon Dr, Tapan A Shah, M.N.Ghatage. Muscle Disaster – Desmoid Tumor (An aggressive fibromatosis_- a rare case report. MJDYPU (MARCH 2010). Vol 3:issue2:72-74 (ISSN 0974 2743)
  11. L Bagwan, Tapan A Shah, AS Joshi, MNGhatage, RM Kulkarni. Cystic Hygroma of chest wall – 2 reported cases. MJDYPU (Sep 2011). Vol 4:issue1:63-65 (ISSN 0974 2743)
  12. AS Joshi, Tapan A Shah, MNGhatage, RM Kulkarni. Intestinal Duplication with Meckel’s diverticulum- rare case report in late childhood.. MJDYPU (Sep 2011). Vol 4:issue1:76-77 (ISSN 0974 2743

Research Project completed :

  1. A Randomized Control Study of Patient Compliance with Key Hole Appendicectomy with other modalities of the Appendicectomy – Our Experience.
  2. RegionalAnesthesia – Peri anal Anesthesia in Anal Surgeries.
  3. Randomized Study To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of The Injection Sclerotherapy For Grade I Hemorrhoids.
  4. 50 cases of pathological Gastro Intestinal Perforation.
  5. 25 cases of Penetrating Abdominal injury.
  6. Study of 50 cases of Acute Pancreatitis.
  7. 50 cases of Gallstone Pancreatitis.
  8. Study of 50 cases of Acute Intestinal Obstruction.
  9. Role of alvarado scoring in Acute Appendicitis.

Memberships :

  1. Indian Medical Association
  2. Ahmedabad Medical Association
  3. Association of Surgeons of India
  4. Ahmedabad Surgeons Association
  5. Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India
  6. International College of Surgeons – Indian Section
  7. NHL Alumni Association
  8. DYPatil Alumni Association